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I have just stuck your 'Classic Mistake' posters up in our corridor. They have created fantastic interest amongst our students of all ages and abilities.
Thank you very much!

Ian Classey, Maths Teacher, Istanbul International Community School, Turkey.

Your posters are excellent - after 3 days of printing one out and putting it up for display I have my pupils asking where the next one is! At least I have another 40 days to keep them satisfied!
Dr J Tebbutt, Maths Teacher, Chatham House Grammar, Ramsgate, UK.

Thanks for e-mail, I have just been on your web-site and downloaded posters. I appreciate that you are giving away quality material for free. I hope one day that I can repay in kind. It is refreshing that people are willing to share resources, so that we are not all reinventing the wheel.
Alastair Mills, Maths Teacher, Brechin High School, UK.

Brilliant, I love the "And it's a classic mistake". Standard flop, haha I love it.
James, school pupil of George Watson's College, Scotland, UK.

In the first month of this website going live, there were over 1750 visitors and between them they downloaded over 12400 poster files - that's a mean of 7 files each!

I have forwarded [your website address] on to the NRICH email newsletter groups as you requested - it looks a very worthwhile resource.
Liz Pumfrey, NRICH, University of Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Thank you so much for alerting me to the presence of such a fantastic website - you have brightened up an otherwise boring day in the reading room. I have just listened to your explanation of classic mistake number 2 (a particular favourite!)
Louisa, ex-school pupil of George Watson's College, Scotland, UK.

We enjoyed the podcasts and they are certainly of value to young people, teachers and other educational professionals. We are delighted to include your RSS feed in our directory to help promote the work you are doing - especially as there are few good quality podcasts on mathematics.
Podcast Team at RECAP Limited.

These look great! I'm going to pass them along to my math teacher friends, as well.
Jason Margolis, presenter of The World in Technology Podcast, BBC.

Great posters by the way - I am going to print some off ASAP.
'rustybug', from TES Teaching Ideas & Resources Staffroom Discussion Forum.

Excellent - the maths facts ones are really good as well. Thanks very much - you saved me hours of work.
'emilyisobel', from TES Teaching Ideas & Resources Staffroom Discussion Forum.

Thanks for the tip, looks like some great stuff.
'DiscoStu2005', from TES Teaching Ideas & Resources Staffroom Discussion Forum.

I've sent the link to our maths co-ordinator, thanks.
'MiniOwner', from TES Teaching Ideas & Resources Staffroom Discussion Forum.

These are excellent oscars. Think I'll play some of those mp3 files to my students.
'Casy', from TES Teaching Ideas & Resources Staffroom Discussion Forum.

These are GREAT. THANX
'sunnie_daze', from TES Teaching Ideas & Resources Staffroom Discussion Forum.

Just marked a year 10 test this week and have printed out four of the classic mistakes posters already.
'mmmmmaths', from TES Teaching Ideas & Resources Staffroom Discussion Forum.

These look excellent (and yes they are classics!)
Damian Rogan, Maths Teacher, Havering Sixth Form College, UK.

Hi, I think your classic mistakes posters are great. Have just printed them to SMART Notebook so I can display them on the SMARTBoard to talk about them with Year 11 in revision time. [See the Freebies page to download this Notebook file, or click here]
The website is fantastic - only just discovered it but there is loads that I will use - many thanks

Liz Wallace, Maths Teacher, Fallibroome High School, UK.

Now we have all 41 classic mistakes displayed at the front of the class, my boys are asking for more ... Fortunately the Year 12 Further Maths class have started to suggest and design their own! Thanks for providing such a stimulating discussion through the posters, that will doubtless continue for many months yet.
Dr John Tebbutt, Maths Teacher, Chatham House Grammar School, Ramsgate, Kent, UK

I think these are great. I have an idea to print and laminate them A5 and have them to use like a referee has yellow and red cards
'daveph', from NCETM Recommend a Resource Discussion Forum.

A selection of the Posters have been displayed in all Maths Classrooms and has provoked some discussion from students who should have been listening to me! Excellent
'MarkGreenaway', from TES Resource Bank Pages.

Some of those are great - I can see a lesson idea forming now - getting students to correct each classic mistake - or how would they explain why it is a mistake - or even have some statements that are correct and have the students sort them and make their own posters.
'MathsHOD' , from TES Mathematics Staffroom

I have these laminated and all over my classroom. I keep meaning to use them as plenaries, but haven't as yet. Maybe now is the time.
'emilyisobel', from TES Mathematics Staffroom

These are laminated and displayed all over our corridor. The whole series is there.
'rustybug', from TES Mathematics Staffroom

Yup, all laminated and all round my room as well (thanks to one of you who mentioned them before). Pupils love them and it prompts lots of discussion...
'hardlife', from TES Mathematics Staffroom

We have just started podcasting and have a few episodes up now. I was just browsing around for other maths podcasts, found yours and think it's great!
We're going to do some plugging of other maths podcasts in our newsletter rather soon so we'll certainly give it a mention.

Marc West, editor of "Plus" - an online Maths magazine, UK.

Comments made in 2008 are listed below...

I love the posters. What is going on with the decimal point though? You show 3.1 with the decimal point in midair looking like a multiplication operator. Is this a UK thing or a formatting issue?
Ellen Hansen, by email.
My reply: In the UK we'd write 3x4x5 in shorthand exactly as "3.4.5" Hence a full stop does mean multiplication. The "midair" dot is a decimal point in the UK, not a multiplication sign. So things are the opposite way round from how it's done in the USA, for example.

I think it's great you post the "mistakes" page because it really gets us thinking about how students learn and why they make the errors they do!! Keep it up
Mark, from Homeschool Math Blog.

These posters make it cool to be a math geek, and fun to be corrected! I think I'd like to start a Classic Grammar Mistakes list, beginning with, "We have car's for sale."
'cm', a home educated student in the USA.

I really enjoyed the posters....great ideas for getting my math students to write about math. We have to do some of the Collins Writings, so these are some good ideas!
Anonymous, from Homeschool Math Blog.

I love the classic mistakes posters. I find that the students read them, identify with them, take comfort in the fact that they're not the 'only' one to have got it wrong.
They get students talking about maths - which is what a display is for - isn't it?

'suef11', from TES Mathematics Staffroom

I have several of these posters on display and have found they promote excellent discussion. Many students are keen to understand the mistake and make sure that they don't make the same ones.
I hope that an awareness of the classic mistakes means students will make them less.

'Casy', from TES Mathematics Staffroom

I also really like the "Real Maths Problems" also available on that site... Whilst not of great mathematical content they do make me laugh!
'andykemp', from TES Mathematics Staffroom

Excellent site
'LadsNR', from TES Mathematics Staffroom

I'm an NQT just going into my third term in a Year 6 class and I just had to say thank you very much for all the work you have put into these and for making them free! Although I can not use everything on here there is certainly loads of it that I can, especially with SATs coming up. You have just saved me hours in thinking up a display!
Eleanor Prescott, NQT, Hampshire

I am compelled to write to say what a great idea this is! Can't wait to try these out with my GCSE classes this coming year.
Ruth Christopher, Maths Teacher, Cramlington Learning Village, UK.